According to the Ministry of Health, Equity and Social Services, continuous education is an active and permanent process of teaching-learning. It’s a compulsory right for health professionals that begins once degrees and specialization studies have been completed.

The objective is to refresh health professionals’ skills, understanding and aptitudes to keep them updated with not only science and health technology progresses, but also with demand changes and society’s needs concerning the National Health System.

The certification for the continuous sanitarian education is the valuation determined by an external organism - National Health Professions Continuous Formation Commission- it establishes a formative activity determined by several quality standards previously set out. The valuation assigns certain continuous formation credits for each activity that will be stated on the student’s curriculum. These continuous formation credits are valid within the entire National Health System.

What do activities with continuous education credits imply?

Continuous education credits certify that the realized activities fulfill the quality standards demanded by the sanitarian authorities within any continuous formation activity, and that they are accredited by any sanitarian administration that belongs to the National Health System.

What is the use of continuous education credits?

According to the National Health System’s Inter-territorial Council, continuous formation credits CFC are valid in all the processes of merit competition rated on the Continuous Education.

What is the difference between College Credits and CFC Credits?

Postgraduate college training has its own regulation methods that are autonomous and different from the CFC Accreditation System. The valuation of the college credits in the merit competition procedures is under the summoned organism’s criteria and under its Selection Board. It may be established in the scale as a specific qualification of the candidate, or evaluated with a general basis and unspecified, or sometimes it’s not valued at all.

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