Medical Practice Group Virtual Campus offers to health professionals the possibility of combining their training with the workday, without any decline in the quality of programmes. Thus they are given the opportunity to acquire skills and new knowledge in a flexible way through technology. They have the guidance and support of teachers and/or the course coordinators at all times.

Our e-learning platform has been designed for making the learning easy, and allows to:

  • Implement self-training, tutored pedagogical techniques, that provide clinical practice-oriented experiences.
  • Facilitate the exchange of experiences through the intervention of the trainer, who acts as a mediator or facilitator of the interactions.
  • Distributing support material to expand and complement the training: bibliography, guides, access to databases and other web resources.
  • Integrate evaluation within the own techniques of learning through discussion forums, messaging, chat, videoconferencing.

The teaching material is adapted to the online experience and is exposed in different media.

Captura campus online

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