Medical Practice Group has designed a learning methodology based on the experience gained during the past 20 years, when thousands of health professionals has been trained in different disciplines. This methodology is constantly evolving as a result of advances in the field of medical technology and information technology.

It is based, however, in six basic principles:

  • The development of a multidisciplinary training, independent from the school program, which prepares the student to face real situations in the exercise of his profession, with a critical spirit.
  • The incorporation of the latest advances to our training programs, in the fields of Biomedical Sciences and clinical practice.
  • The interaction between the Faculty and students to make learning an enriching experience that goes beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge.
  • The adaptation of our programs to the the health administration demands, in order to obtain accreditation by the National Committee on continuing education for the health professions
  • The signing of collaboration agreements with national and international health entities of recognised prestige, for the start-up of internship programs in which our students could exchange experiences with experts in different areas of specialization.
  • The creation and design of a virtual learning space that allows the continuous assessment of the pupil by the specialized faculty, and the easy access to the latest technological resources that complement their training.

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